Values & Beliefs

    We believe in non-conformity and challenging the status-quo. 

    We believe that we only grow in our 'un'comfort zone. 

    We believe in being good to others and to our planet.

    We believe that travel should be nothing short of life changing.

After traveling to over 80 countries, Omar increasingly started to feel that he was unfulfilled in his banking and investments career. He wanted to do something that married his work with his passion for exploring and sharing those experiences with others. The decision was finally taken in 2009 while he was climbing a mountain amidst the jungles of remote West Papua. He never had to work another day in his life again. The company began with a dream to change the world one traveller at a time and to make sure that every trip was not only a life changing experience for our clients but also a positive experience for the host communities in which we operate and their eco-systems.  

WILD GUANABANA is centered on the belief that the world is an incredible place truly worth exploring and discovering. That by removing ourselves from the distractions of everyday life and taking on new and challenging experiences, be it discovering a new culture, seeing an incredible sunrise, volunteering or climbing a mountain; we grow and learn more about ourselves and the world, in ways we never thought possible.

We fondly think of ourselves as a platform for Life Changing Journeys to unfold and know nothing more fulfilling than creating then sharing these experiences with others.