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  • Omar Samra
    Chief Guanabana | Founder & CEO

    --> this means I'm responsible for vision, strategy, product development, PR and B2B account management.

    My name is Omar Samra, I quit uninspiring jobs and start companies during financial crisis' and name them after exotic fruits. I also specialize in dragging myself and heavy objects to high and cold places. When I'm not working 12 hours a day, I'm on a mountain somewhere, climbing something snowy and stunning or hanging out with the remote tribes of West Papua. When I'm working, I'm playing ping pong, foozball or designing some of the funnest journeys to the world's most inspiring places for anyone out there looking for the extraordinary!

  • Mostafa Zayed
    Intuitive Guanabana | Sales & Business Development Associate

    --> If you’re looking to Guanabanize your team to get the most out of them, he's the guy to get in touch with!

    Stinky labs, exploding flasks, injecting poor animals to death and selling drugs on the streets has been my life for 7 years! After graduation, I thought a lot about how I would like to spend my life and explore our world and “unconventionally” was always on the list.

    Looking for jobs in the travel industry, I came across Wild Guanabana that alters people’s lives through adventure travel. I realized it’s where I want to be and happily join the tribe :)

  • Galal Zekri-Chatila
    Electrified Guanabana | Adventure Travel Designer

    --> He'll test out and design trails and trips then lead you on remarkable journeys!

I’ve been working in the outdoor field since I was 14, and I’ve been promoted from an entity to the other till I reached our beloved future astronaut Omar Samra who believed in my cause and supported me all the way and I joined the Wild Guanabana tribe. My journeys succeeded in shaping my spirit and taught me that nothing is ever impossible. Interacting with nature made me see the world in a totally different way, life isn't about getting a job and saving money to be happy, life is all about love, peace and equality. If we believe in life, we will be happy :)

  • Mina Emmanuel
    Schools Specialist & Wilderness Guide

  • Marwa Fayed
    Our Source of Inspiration

    I like challenges, pomegranates, monkeys, and living wild! After spending ten years in the corporate world, I came across Wild Guanabana and decided to climb Kilimanjaro in 2010 and my whole life changed. I came down from the mountain, quit my job and decided to join the company and now I couldn’t be happier to be a corporate runaway.

    I love sending people off on life changing experiences and I love it even more when I get to go myself ☺ Life is about losing your inhibitions, living in your uncomfort zone, inspiring yourself, discovering the wonderful world we live in, and always always always living wild!

  • Enas El Masry
    Journey Facilitator

  • Farah Amin
    Journey Facilitator

  • Malak El Ayouty
    Journey Facilitator

  • Aya Fathy
    Journey Facilitator

  • Youssef El Kady
    Journey Facilitator

  • Sarah Abousenna
    Journey Facilitator

  • Hassan Salem
    Journey Facilitator

  • Islam Sherif
    Journey Facilitator

  • Menna Abd El-Aziz
    Journey Facilitator

  • Shahd El Akhal
    Journey Facilitator

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  • Adventure HQ

  • UNDP