"In the world today there's plenty of technology, plenty of entrepreneurs, plenty of money, plenty of venture capital. What's in short supply is great teams." John Doerr, Venture Capitalist - Silicon Valley

Our Corporate Wild Learning Philosophy

Our experiences are unique and non-traditional. We firmly believe in the transformative power of nature and challenges. By removing ourselves from our everyday habitats and knocking on the doors of our ‘un’comfort zones, we grow beyond what we thought was ever possible. We take teams, challenge them, pressure them and push them to their physical and mental limits where the magic happens. Our programs are based on the concept of experiential learning, which optimizes the ability of team members to absorb and master the set of skills required.

Adventure Team Building

We bring teams (from 15-550 people) into the wilderness, out of their comfort zone and set them up with a series of challenges where they're encouraged to work together, think creatively and strategically to produce a desired outcome. We're able to customize our programs depending on your company's learning objectives including but not limited to working under pressure, trust building, effective communication, resourcefulness, perseverance, creativity and big picture strategic thinking. 

Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer a wide range of land and water-based activities that are integrated in comprehensive and engaging corporate learning programs. Tailored to your exact needs, activities are designed based on team skill level (beginner to advance) and desired learning outcomes.

Team Building Destinations

  • Inbound (Egypt/UAE)

        Whether you are based in Egypt or UAE and would like to boost your team’s morale or improve how they communicate, we can design a program for you. Privileged by wide open deserts, seas, valleys and mountains, they serve as a perfect destination if you are looking for something close and still guaranteed to be nothing short of phenomenal!

        - Egypt: Wadi Degla, Fayoum, Ain ElSukhna, Sharm ElSheikh, Hurghada, Gouna and Sinai.

        - UAE: Dibba (75 minute drive from Dubai)

        - KSA: Jeddah area

  •  Outbound (18+ Countries)

        We’re experts in adventure travel. So whether you want to step into heaven in Thailand, relax on a beach in Zanzibar or zip-line in Costa Rica and add a team building twist to it, we’ve got your back! We know our 18+ destinations inside out and you can pick one of them or give us an idea of what are you looking for and we’ll help you design a fitting memorable event for your team. 

Motivate Your Team with Omar Samra's Inspiring Talks!

Omar is a renowned international motivational speaker with over 100 engagements under his belt in over 10 countries. Get an extra boost of energy to achieve your corporate stretch goals by bringing Omar in as a speaker for your next event or better yet, bundle it with a team building experience for better value. Talks are usually 45 minutes long excluding Q&A but can be customized according to your time and venue constraints. Please get in touch for testimonials.

Corporate Benefit Programs

Give your employees the opportunity to discover the wonders of our world and get in touch with their inner self by embarking on one of our exciting global adventures. Adventure holidays are ideal for returning to work energized and motivated. Employees can now enjoy discounts on monthly scheduled journeys from our trip calendar and gear rental. Get in touch if you want to enroll your company with u

To set up a wild team building adventure, send an e-mail to [email protected]