14 Must-Haves in Your Traveling Backpack

Ghida Arnaout - Nov 19, 2014

1. A day backpack (18 liter). You cannot carry your big backpack all day when travelling so you need a small one to carry your daily gadgets.

2. A small notebook and a pen. Use it to write down information in case your phone dies or just your thoughts and information about people you meet!

3. Combination locks. Trust me the last thing you need while travelling is your things to get stolen. This is essential especially if you don’t have a safe or a locker in your room that you are probably sharing with other backpackers.

4. A multi-usb charger. How else are you going to charge your phone, camera, ipod, etc... when they die out? Make sure to also have an international adapter.

5. Copies of your essential documents. Always keep photocopies of your passports, credit cards, medical insurance or immunization card in a safe place with you at all times just in case you lose the originals (email them to yourself as well).

6. First Aid Kit. You never know where you might end up and if you are going to find things you need. So it’s better to have a medical kit with you that contains things like Band-Aids, sanitizers and essential meds.

7. Silk Travel Sheet. This will give you peace of mind no matter where you end up sleeping (dodgy hostels anyone?) and they’re very small to pack!

8. Re-Sealable Plastic bags. Where else are you going to pack your wet clothes or your electric gadgets?

9. Duct Tape. Last time I was travelling my camera broke and guess what fixed it! You never know when you will need duct tape to fix something.

10. Small Towels or one quick-dry towel. Keep those with you during the day for long walks or even a dip in the sea.

11. Ear Plugs. You never know what is going to be happening around you at the hostels you will be staying in and if you don’t want to participate, you will need ear plugs for a good night’s sleep!

12. Tissues and Wet Wipes. Most hostels will not have tissues or toilet paper so pack some in your bag and have wet wipes in your daily bag for a quick clean. 

13.Spork. You might want to open a can of tuna or cook your own food sometimes so a spork is essential and it is so small it can fit in your pocket.

14. Mosquito Repellant. Not everyone is lucky enough to escape the mosquito bites! So if you don’t want to carry a mosquito net, pack up a mosquito repellant and keep it with you at all times, especially at night!

Happy Traveling!

Ghida Arnaout -