Familial Strangers

Malak El Ayouty - May 14, 2015

Many wonder how some are capable of traveling solo to explore unknown places in the world. I wondered the same, until I did that myself. My travel experience has opened my eyes to the most exotic places; from the surreal beauty of the Salar in Bolivia, to the most beautiful mountains in Nepal. 

It does, in fact, seem scary to simply just throw yourself out there alone with complete strangers. But, aren’t we all strangers in a strange land? It took me some time to recognize that and to be able to comfortably, without any hesitations, strike a conversation with a stranger. Now, it seems like second nature. We are all on the same boat. Everyone is just like you, alone in a strange place and looking for others to be with. Hence, you are never really alone. 

My Walk ‘N’ Yoga trip was one like no other; on the 10th of April, my spontaneity pushed me to go for it and I am truly grateful for that. I have met the most interesting, diverse and most compassionate people, which makes me fall in love with WG more and more everyday. It teaches me to get more comfortable being uncomfortable, more confident being uncertain and it pushes me to make room in that area between my can’ts and cans. I have encountered amazing people who have gone out of their way to help me and will, without a doubt, have a great impact in shaping my life. This old saying says it all,  “you can always depend on the kindness of strangers”.  When you simply get lost with an open heart, unexpected goodness will happen. There is nothing more beautiful and uplifting than getting lost in the midst of the Himalayan snow peaks, deep river valleys and beautiful waterfalls, doing yoga with people who share the same passion as you: being alive.