Om Mani Padme Hum

Islam Sherif - Nov 19, 2014

Yeah, I'll get to the title of the article later. So it all started back at the office when everyone was planning a trip to Spain or Miami for spring break and I was looking for a low budget trip and a new experience. I traveled before with Wild Guanabana so I thought I'd check what they have to offer. They helped me choose Nepal as a destination…


After booking my flight which was for only 3,000EGP (a 22 Hour flight), I left Egypt behind and took off on a 12 day journey in Nepal. I arrived at Kathmandu International Airport only to realize it's barely an airport! It took us less than an hour to exit with our backpacks and enter the capital. And I can safely say I had culture shock! For the first time I felt how foreign I am to that country. I didn't only leave Egypt behind, I left everything, our habits, culture, food and how people look at life.

The Himalayas

After meeting our awesome guide, we prepared our gear, tied our hiking shoes and we left the city and entered the Himalayas. That was the starting point of the experience of our lives. We always heard stories and tales about the Himalayas, and if you read the book " The Monk who sold his Ferrari " you might have a glimpse of what I'm going to say.  We hiked and trekked the mountains for a week, we went through jungles, forests, passed by villages, spoke with locals and kept going up high until we reached the Poonhill peak. We hiked for more than 6 hours per day, and that was another form of yoga and meditation; the silence you go through during the hikes just absorbs all thoughts out of your brain. Apart from hiking for hours with my friends, I got to meet travelers from all over the world. You meet them along the way, you know their story, their purpose for coming to the Himalayas and you move on to the others and you’re introduced to more and more stories.


Nepal is a very small country between India and China and it’s dominated by the Buddhism/Hinduism cultures. During our stay in the mountains, we chatted with the locals to understand more about their perspective on life, we ate their food and took their advice on living and leading better lives. The morning Nepalese tea outside your lodge 4,000 meters above sea level is a lifetime experience on its own!  I'll end this with their famous chant from Tibet, Om Mani Padme Hum, an essence of their teachings which calls for purity, peace and goodness. We heard it at the famous Monkey Temple where it struck us all that we were in a different world altogether only 22 hours away from Egypt. After this experience, Europe and the US went down from the top of my travel list to the very bottom.

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