The 10 MOST INCREDIBLE Ted Talk Travel Inspirations!

WG Team - Jul 20, 2016

1) Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler people!! 

After selling over 100 million books, Tony wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet guidebooks, is relaying his experience travelling the world since the 1970s. Tony and his wife rented a car and went off driving across Europe from London to Turkey, continue all the way to Iran, sail to Australia, hitchhiked to Sydney and ended their trip there. Tony was not merely on a mission to cover ground space, but to break the stereotypes associated with countries and their people. In this story of success we listen to the story behind Lonely Planet.

 2)This guy is such a bad ass, he got arrested for illegal immigration in Sri lanka #notpartofouritenirary

 In 2009, Graham Hughes set off on a No-Flying trip around the world. He traveled for 160,000 miles, 201 countries all on $100 a week. He used buses, taxis, trains and his own feet to cross from one country and one continent to another. Along the way Graham shot an 8-part TV show for Lonely Planet and wrote about his adventures on his award-winning blog,

 3) Looks like an average joe, is definitely NOT an average Joe. He does have the suit for it though! 

Rick Steves has spent the last 30 years living out of a suitcase. He travels four months every year. In every country he has gone through, he has learnt, listened and enjoyed so much of the pleasures of travel. In this humbling talk he relays his experience going from Africa to Asia to the Americas, meeting people from all walks of life and accumulating life lessons that has ever since governed his worldly perception.

 4) Bleeding wallets UNITE, cause Tomislav's about to patch you up! 

For those of you on a budget, whether you are a student or an employee with a severe case of wanderlust but an empty wallet, here’s your go to guide to travelling with virtually no money. This excuse may have worked a couple of years ago, but with this world’s connectivity, we can rely on technology to save all the unnecessary travel expenses. Tomislav has been on the road for years, and stands on stage now to let you know how to be mobile, without spending.

 5) Okay sure, can we have your job though? #TakemeChoosemeLondon 

Okay so ideally, you don’t have to sit down and write your own obituary to realize you are absolutely on the wrong track, but that’s what it took for Roz Savage to find her true calling in life, leave her job as a management consultant in London and Row 8,000 miles across oceans.

 6) The world is big and wondrous and this is just the tip of the iceberg 

Travel is a very holistic experience. In a sense it’s very sensual, engaging all of your bodily senses, whether taste, touch, sight or hearing. Therefore our enjoyment of culture is largely affected by food, architecture and music. In this stimulating talk, Vincent Moon, travels the world in search for different melodic experiences. He presents cultural music outside of the music industry and divorced from generic rhythms, to offer up an essential part of cultural exploration and present it in its rawest forms. 

7) Too early in the day to reevaluate my life. #comebacktomorrow 

Pico Iyer examines the structure that defies where we call home? He questions whether the modern mobilized world can really be tied down to such simplistic terms of nationality. As people take to their suitcases and trek the globe, there’s a heightened sense of connectivity to the various cultures, languages and traditions that they encounter, making it insensible to only be this one nationality. Iyer explains “Traveling for me is a little bit like being in love, because suddenly all your senses are at the setting marked on, suddenly you’re alert to the secret patterns of the world”.

 8) Evans springing hope on all us couch potatoes. There's hope for us yet .. 

Evans is your ordinary squared glasses office fellow, but despite common rationality that didn’t stop him from going after his dream to explore Antarctica. He starts out explaining the difference between travel and tourism, and the certain expectations that are attached to each one. 

9) There's a key?? Well, where has it been and how can I find it? 

Ginger Kern stabs us where it hurts in this talk, questioning whether time and money really are what holds us back from travelling the world. The common excuses that direct our lives are put under the spotlight and we yearn for the true meaning of freedom, in its full capacity. We are left wandering how soon we can pack our bags and head out of the country? 

10) I don't know about travelling with my dad, but great initiative boys! 

Travelling comes in all shades of color, whether it is cultural, adventure or volunteer travelling. This family has spent the last 12 months travelling to 12 different countries doing volunteer work and helping others. Their choice to do volunteerism stemmed from their desire to see the “people” of the world and extend a helping hand. It doesn’t matter where you are, those who are in need of help don’t think in borders or cultural and linguistic separations, because doing good has no language