Hashem Aly: On The 3 Peaks Challenge

As we were planning for the pilot of our special Move Wild challenge with Ali Ismail’s Move, our Marketing and Business Development Manager Hashem Aly decided to join in on the fun! The Move Wild Challenge itself features hiking 18km, kayaking 15km, and mountain biking 18km in Fayoum as well as The 3 Peaks Challenge in Sinai.  Alongside triathletes and fitness junkies, he was determined to complete The 3 Peaks Challenge with them, entailing...


Sinai Trail: Walking the Nomadic Paths

All photographs by Enas El MasryReaching out and connecting is an innate human tendency. Some people reach out through mindful observation, while others do so through conversation. However, there’s nothing like walking a mile in someone else’s shoes to really understand them. For as long as we’ve inhabited the deserts and highlands, nomadic tribes have walked these ragged terrains and made them home. Beneath the surface, many secrets and pl...