Familial Strangers

Many wonder how some are capable of traveling solo to explore unknown places in the world. I wondered the same, until I did that myself. My travel experience has opened my eyes to the most exotic places; from the surreal beauty of the Salar in Bolivia, to the most beautiful mountains in Nepal. It does, in fact, seem scary to simply just throw yourself out there alone with complete strangers. But, aren’t we all strangers in a strange land? I...


Om Mani Padme Hum

Yeah, I'll get to the title of the article later. So it all started back at the office when everyone was planning a trip to Spain or Miami for spring break and I was looking for a low budget trip and a new experience. I traveled before with Wild Guanabana so I thought I'd check what they have to offer. They helped me choose Nepal as a destination… Kathmandu After booking my flight which was for only 3,000EGP (a 22 Hour flight), I left Egyp...