The 10 MOST INCREDIBLE Ted Talk Travel Inspirations!

1) Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler people!! After selling over 100 million books, Tony wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet guidebooks, is relaying his experience travelling the world since the 1970s. Tony and his wife rented a car and went off driving across Europe from London to Turkey, continue all the way to Iran, sail to Australia, hitchhiked to Sydney and ended their trip there. Tony was not merely on a mission to cover ground space,...


Senses of a Wanderer

Senses of a Wanderer Do you know how you can sometimes wear perfume, and by the time you reach your destination you can no longer smell it on you, even though others pick up the scent quite clearly? That's because the sense of smell, after accommodation, loses its qualities; you just stop smelling things even though they're out there as vivid as ever! Deceivingly, your mind constantly plays a similar trick on you! After a while...