Rock solid INSPIRATION - The 3 Climbers Scaling The World's Highest Heights

"Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy .. " Climbing isn't a sport, not in the traditional sense anyway. You don't get to go to the Olympics for it. You don't win gold medals for it. And other people are the least of your worries while you are at it. We don't scoop the dirt with our fingers for it to fall to the ground to the sound of standing ovations and clicking of medallions. What inspires us are steeper walls, taller mountains,...


6000 KM in 100 days - Nour El Din's Cycling Journey Across Egypt!

When you work in adventure travel, you get used to having people who look like they just patted the desert off their shoulders and shook the ocean out of their hair come into your office. It takes a lot - and I mean moving rocks with laser beams shot out of your eyes and talking to woodland creatures and writing music that tears at all our heartstrings - to surprise us. In walks Nour Eldin Sherif, who rocks all of the above and a head full of br...


What Travel Plan? It's Called a Journey!

Travel, we believe, is a tricky word. It is one that has been hijacked by a world so accustomed to reducing unique experiences to sound bites and marketable products. If travel to you is synonymous with fixed itineraries, with cosmopolitan cities, and with sitting still, then you’re doing yourself a great injustice. Why we call them journeys, you ask? Well, because a “journey” is a word we will do right by. Our belief in movement is imperat...