Hashem Aly: On The 3 Peaks Challenge

As we were planning for the pilot of our special Move Wild challenge with Ali Ismail’s Move, our Marketing and Business Development Manager Hashem Aly decided to join in on the fun! The Move Wild Challenge itself features hiking 18km, kayaking 15km, and mountain biking 18km in Fayoum as well as The 3 Peaks Challenge in Sinai.  Alongside triathletes and fitness junkies, he was determined to complete The 3 Peaks Challenge with them, entailing...


Familial Strangers

Many wonder how some are capable of traveling solo to explore unknown places in the world. I wondered the same, until I did that myself. My travel experience has opened my eyes to the most exotic places; from the surreal beauty of the Salar in Bolivia, to the most beautiful mountains in Nepal. It does, in fact, seem scary to simply just throw yourself out there alone with complete strangers. But, aren’t we all strangers in a strange land? I...