Sinai Trail: Walking the Nomadic Paths

All photographs by Enas El MasryReaching out and connecting is an innate human tendency. Some people reach out through mindful observation, while others do so through conversation. However, there’s nothing like walking a mile in someone else’s shoes to really understand them. For as long as we’ve inhabited the deserts and highlands, nomadic tribes have walked these ragged terrains and made them home. Beneath the surface, many secrets and pl...


The Secret Ingredient to a Memorable Family Trip

We all yearn to travel, to live richer experiences, to broaden our horizons, to learn more about ourselves and the world around us, and more often than not, to escape the various forms of pressure that we deal with on a daily basis. To a lot of teenagers and youth, this sadly includes their families, making traveling alone with their friends the ultimate getaway – from everything.It’s no wonder that when I tell people I’m travelling with m...


6 Ways To Be a More Responsible Traveler

Did you know that in 2015, the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide amounted to approximately 1.2 billion? That’s a lot of traveling going around. It may not seem like much if translated to percentile, but if you come to think of it as 1.2 billion ambassadors exchanging cultures with others around the world, maybe it’ll then scale to something noteworthy.While tourism contributes greatly to global economy, reaching up to USD...