Rock Musician to Rock Climber: One Egyptian’s Epic Journey

Hazem El Shamy on top of Nirekha Peak, Nepal at 6,069m All photos are courtesy of Hazem El Shamy.“Falling was the last thing I remembered; the next thing I knew, I was regaining consciousness on the shore as the fisherman tried to resuscitate me.“When I woke up coughing water with pain in my neck, I told myself I wasn’t going to do this again until I was fully aware of everything there is to know [about technical rock climbing], and app...


Between a rock and a nice place

Thailand is often discounted by the more intrepid traveler as a destination that has become far too crowded; flooded with uncreative packaged tour holidays and cheap frills. But little do those seeking adventure and an authentic off the beaten path experience know that only an hour from the popular beach town of Krabi, lies a haven for the more sophisticated of adventurers.Rai Lay is a beach paradise. However, its secrets not only lie in i...