Las Cholitas de Bolivia: Feminine Strength Wrapped in Colorful Shawls

Far from the sweeping impact of globalization whereby different cultures around the world have morphed into visual replicas of one another, a group of indigenous Bolivian women continue to give life to a culture that has stood the test of time, accentuating it with vividly colorful costumes and unmatched feminine strength. Las Cholitas de BoliviaBolivia’s cholas/cholitas (feminine for 'cholo') are indigenous Quechua and Aymara women – predominan...


The Mountain Reintroduced Me To My Daughter, and I'm In Awe

As humans, we are naturally wired to reach out and connect. While we form many bonds and relationships throughout our lifetimes, there are many variables that define and shape those relationships such as the roads we tread together. In the 20 years of mothering Lina, my only daughter among five children, we have been through many ups and downs together; but of all that we’ve been through, I will always remember the time we climbed Mount To...


How Motherly is Mother Nature?

Oftentimes when we think of motherhood, we think of love, nurture, generosity, acceptance and more qualities that capture the same emotional rhythm. Although motherly tendencies are often innately built-in, it takes a full-fledged mother to properly nurture younger women, walking them through the rites of passage into womanhood and motherhood.Venerated since the dawn of time for the unstoppable force that she is, one mother continues to nourish...