How to Choose the Best Suited Kilimanjaro Route for You

Each year, approximately 25,000 people attempt to climb the 5,895 meter Mount Kilimanjaro - Africa’s highest summit and the world’s highest free-standing mountain – around half of whom don’t succeed at reaching the summit. Although the climbing motives may change, almost everyone wants to reach the summit.Many elements contribute to the success or failure of summiting Mt Kili: how physically and mentally prepared you are, the gear you’re u...


Adventure Hacks: How to Mentally Prepare for Hiking

HIkers on the Sinai Trail. Credit: Enas El MasryThe first time I went on a thru-hike, I was skeptical whether my body would be able to cross 200+ kilometers, and summit four or five mountains. Like anyone preparing for a trip that requires physical endurance, I kept myself busy with all sorts of exercise and physical preparation.On the fourth day of the two-week hike, a gush of emotions overcame me and I broke down, triggered simply by losin...


The Mountain Reintroduced Me To My Daughter, and I'm In Awe

As humans, we are naturally wired to reach out and connect. While we form many bonds and relationships throughout our lifetimes, there are many variables that define and shape those relationships such as the roads we tread together. In the 20 years of mothering Lina, my only daughter among five children, we have been through many ups and downs together; but of all that we’ve been through, I will always remember the time we climbed Mount To...