The Day My Mother's Eyes Sparkled With Life Again

I stood back and looked at her in silence, contemplating and appreciating the masterpiece of a woman that she is. I’ve always treasured my mother for so many reasons, but I never thought the day would come when our roles would switch, leaving me in awe and pride at her ability to still grow and change. Venturing farther than anything she would have considered a comfort zone, the day she decided to go on her own adventure was the day I saw...


The Mountain Reintroduced Me To My Daughter, and I'm In Awe

As humans, we are naturally wired to reach out and connect. While we form many bonds and relationships throughout our lifetimes, there are many variables that define and shape those relationships such as the roads we tread together. In the 20 years of mothering Lina, my only daughter among five children, we have been through many ups and downs together; but of all that we’ve been through, I will always remember the time we climbed Mount To...