Sinai Trail: Walking the Nomadic Paths

All photographs by Enas El MasryReaching out and connecting is an innate human tendency. Some people reach out through mindful observation, while others do so through conversation. However, there’s nothing like walking a mile in someone else’s shoes to really understand them. For as long as we’ve inhabited the deserts and highlands, nomadic tribes have walked these ragged terrains and made them home. Beneath the surface, many secrets and pl...


Summer Splash of Adventure: 5 Must-Visit Middle East Beaches

The Middle East can be one of the most exciting destinations for adventure travelers – that is of course conditioned you dig past all that’s commercial and stereotypical. But as spring starts to recede, allowing for the summer scorching sun to settle in, adventure travel in the Middle East becomes as good as a mild death wish. Nonetheless, one silver-lining remains, and that’s the region’s extended beaches along the Mediterranean, the Red...


The Day My Mother's Eyes Sparkled With Life Again

I stood back and looked at her in silence, contemplating and appreciating the masterpiece of a woman that she is. I’ve always treasured my mother for so many reasons, but I never thought the day would come when our roles would switch, leaving me in awe and pride at her ability to still grow and change. Venturing farther than anything she would have considered a comfort zone, the day she decided to go on her own adventure was the day I saw...