How to Choose the Best Suited Kilimanjaro Route for You

Each year, approximately 25,000 people attempt to climb the 5,895 meter Mount Kilimanjaro - Africa’s highest summit and the world’s highest free-standing mountain – around half of whom don’t succeed at reaching the summit. Although the climbing motives may change, almost everyone wants to reach the summit.Many elements contribute to the success or failure of summiting Mt Kili: how physically and mentally prepared you are, the gear you’re u...


4 Hiking Misconceptions You May Want to Reconsider

A group of hikers navigate Wadi Khsheib in South Sinai. Credit: Enas El MasryIt’s not so unusual to shy away from activities that you’ve never tried before, especially when you continue to associate them with false impressions. Hiking is no stranger to the injustice of prejudice and stigma.Although commonly popular among the community of adventurers, hiking is otherwise regarded as a niche activity. Having been on many hikes of varied difficulti...


Beginners' Guide to Planning a Backpacking Trip

While it is customary for the urban life to make us more reliant and attached to our material belongings, one of the best remedies is to pack your bare necessities and embark on a soul rejuvenating adventure. Although this nomadic life releases you from the daily, materialistic concerns, planning a successful backpacking trip entails many considerations that guarantee your trip will be both safe and enjoyable.A backpacking trip is commonly...