Answering the Big Question: Why Adventure Sports?

Credit: Liza Cicuto/ PixabayWhen asked what the best religion is, the Dalai Lama replied: “The best religion is what brings you closest to God.” What about riding ghastly waves, or meticulously calculating the next move on a narrow mountain ridge? Can you find spirituality there? As long as you do it for the right reasons, then yes, you can.Over the past few decades, extreme sports have garnered a lot of attention. Despite this growing inte...


Beginners' Guide to Planning a Backpacking Trip

While it is customary for the urban life to make us more reliant and attached to our material belongings, one of the best remedies is to pack your bare necessities and embark on a soul rejuvenating adventure. Although this nomadic life releases you from the daily, materialistic concerns, planning a successful backpacking trip entails many considerations that guarantee your trip will be both safe and enjoyable.A backpacking trip is commonly...