Familial Strangers

Many wonder how some are capable of traveling solo to explore unknown places in the world. I wondered the same, until I did that myself. My travel experience has opened my eyes to the most exotic places; from the surreal beauty of the Salar in Bolivia, to the most beautiful mountains in Nepal. It does, in fact, seem scary to simply just throw yourself out there alone with complete strangers. But, aren’t we all strangers in a strange land? I...


Discovering Altitude Without Attitude

Exploring the world as if it were our own backyard has become a right rather than a privilege for me and my Gen-Y peers. Our global citizen status makes any true sense of identity or belonging rather abstract and obscure. And so for me, an Egyptian by birth, I figured summiting the highest peak in the Arab World, Mt Toubkal, would be my tribute to my Arab identity. After all, Morocco in Arabic translates to ’The West’ as it denotes the far...


Between a rock and a nice place

Thailand is often discounted by the more intrepid traveler as a destination that has become far too crowded; flooded with uncreative packaged tour holidays and cheap frills. But little do those seeking adventure and an authentic off the beaten path experience know that only an hour from the popular beach town of Krabi, lies a haven for the more sophisticated of adventurers.Rai Lay is a beach paradise. However, its secrets not only lie in i...