How To Not Let Ramadan Disrupt Your Workout Routine

Although greeted with joy for its spirituality, social gatherings and abundance of good food, the holy month of Ramadan comes along with its own set of challenges. Dwelling on the thought of caffeine-free, breakfast-free mornings can be quite worrisome, let alone computing more than 15 hours of fasting and fitting in a workout routine. While this may sound like something solely for the avid athletes, we kid you not, it is more than doable f...


From Thin to Toned: How Working Out Saved My Silently Collapsing Body

When we think of life-changing experiences, we often think of journeys like that in Eat, Pray, Love, or some grand voyage to the edge of the Earth. Little did I know that ever step outside my comfort zone was a life-changing experience of its own - and mine took me no further than the new gym down the block.Growing up as a millennial, it's not so uncommon to end up equating 'thin' with 'ultimate body goals' no matter how dysfunctional that thin...