Memoirs from a Yoga Mat: How Could Yoga Transform a Life?

Change is an inevitable force that moves our lives through their natural cycles of ebb and tide. While some change is consciously and intently sought out, sometimes the best change comes about our lives unnoticed and unsolicited – such as the day yogini Ohoud Saad walked into her first yoga class by mere chance, leading her through a series of events that forever transformed her life.Accidentally in LoveGrowing up in a big family as an angr...


Nature and Spirituality Pt.1: Why Do We Feel Spiritually Connected in Nature?

According to an ancient wisdom, a human experience goes through five layers which include the environment, physical body, mind, intuition, and self or spirit. While some people describe the spirit as the non-physical element of the body which houses character and emotions, some would even attribute one’s sense of purpose and meaning to spirit. In a time of scientific advancement when complex equations and lab coats are deemed the most tru...


Omar Samra on Spirituality and the Power of Nature

“I took to the crowded city streets, pondering the flashing neon lights in search of life’s true meaning,” said no wise man ever. Since the dawn of humanity, man has sought solitude in the embrace of nature, dwelling on the complex terrain of his psyche in search of answers, solace, and enlightenment.Having roamed the Earth from pole to pole, treading paths that no one had ever walked before, Omar Samra has time and time again found himsel...