Nature and Spirituality Pt.2: Where Did Ancient Cultures Find the Divine?

Since the dawn of humanity, man has time and time again come face-to-face with perplexing questions that continued to drive him to the edges of sanity. Although the cosmos have always posed as a great mystery calling to be unlocked, it was always accompanied with the inevitable question of who created it. In pursuit of the Divine, the Creator, or the All-Mighty, many peoples around the world and throughout history have turned to nature for...


Nature and Spirituality Pt.1: Why Do We Feel Spiritually Connected in Nature?

According to an ancient wisdom, a human experience goes through five layers which include the environment, physical body, mind, intuition, and self or spirit. While some people describe the spirit as the non-physical element of the body which houses character and emotions, some would even attribute one’s sense of purpose and meaning to spirit. In a time of scientific advancement when complex equations and lab coats are deemed the most tru...