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Egypt’s first ever long distance hiking trail, the Sinai Trail, is a 250 km-long sea to summit route through the greatest wilderness in the Middle East, beginning in the Gulf of Aqaba and ending in the mountains of St. Katherine.

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The Sinai Trail aims to create a sustainable tourism economy that benefits local communities, particularly those in remote and marginalized areas.

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Our Live Tribal adventure provides people from across the world a new and bespoke experience of Egypt: its unforgettable desert landscapes, nature, heritage and people.

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People have been crossing Sinai – walking its old paths and byways – for many millennia. The Sinai Trail keeps this tradition alive. The Sinai Trail is managed by a cooperative of all the Bedouin tribes in Sinai

We will start heading on our journey around 11pm to arrive in St. Catherine in the early morning
After breakfast, we will take the jeep and head to the Blue mountain and from there start hiking to Wadi Rutug for the night. Hiking around 13 km
Today we hike for 16k From Wadi Rutug to Deir Remhain where we will be spending the night.
Today we will not be packing our stuff as our hike will be around Umm Shomer mountain and back to Deir Rimhain for the night. Hiking around 10k
After packing our campsite, we will start our longest hike of the trip from Deir Rimhan to Warà where we will be spending the night. Hiking around 19km.
Today we bit the desert farewell as we head back to St. Catherine by jeeps and take the bus back to Cairo


The scenery on this hike is breathtaking and indescribably beautiful. You will be hiking through the desert like mountains of Sinai and seeing a completely different side of Egypt that you have never seen before.



At this time of the year the weather in Saint Katherine is moderate to cold in the morning and very cold if it’s not sunny, or in the shade and at night. Rains at this time of the year are very likely to happen. So it's a key point to be prepared for cold weather and have waterproof layers because rains are expected too, and it's very hazardous not to be prepared for this. We also check weather forecast closer to the date of the trip and during it.



The Bedouins usually sleep under the stars. They call it the million-star hotel. We will be camping in the wilderness – by camping we also mean that our water resource is minimal so expect no showers, and nature calls are responded in nature – no toilets. We’ll be providing tents for sleeping which can accommodate 2 hikers per tent and provide insulation from the cold and a barrier against rain, which is possible at any time, and also against mosquitos. A warm sleeping bag would be suitable for this trip with comfort temperature of -4 degrees. We also recommend using sleeping bag liner or just wearing more warm layers during sleeping for people who'd still feel cold. Sleeping bags can be big, bulky and weighty, so get the smallest, lightest model you can. Remember, the weather in Sinai is colder than what most people would expect, especially if they are not familiar with it.



You will be treated to 3 extremely delicious meals on a daily basis You will have 3 daily extremely delicious meals throughout the trip where you can help in their preparation if you want to. Breakfast is usually eggs, cheese, beans, honey and jam, lunch is on the light side having pasta and salad, while dinner you will enjoy the amazing cuisine of bedouins which is vegetables, meat or chicken slow cooked on charcoal or on the fire with some rice and salads.



This is not an easy hike. We’ll be always hiking and climbing at an altitude of 1500+ meters in very cold conditions. You need to have high physical fitness, multi-day hiking and camping experiences. Umm Shomer is a difficult climb so you also need to have good scrambling experience. But what’s better than to end the year with a challenge?! :)



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    • Price based on 4 pax

    • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary (Breakfast = B, Lunch = L, Dinner = D)

    • Round trip from Cairo to St. Catherine

    • All accommodation based on double basis (tents and ecolodges)

    • First aid trained local guides and english speaking camp crew

    • Permits when needed


    • Personal items

    • Sleeping bag

    • Extra snacks