Privacy Policy

We at Wild Guanabana are committed to protecting the Personal Information that you share with us on this website. By using our website or the services offered by us, you are consenting to our use of such personal information as you provide to us as described herein. If you do not consent to our use of your information, then please refrain from using our services. Wild Guanabana is sometimes referred to as Wild G or WG across the website and all are the same entities. 

How will your information be used

We only use your information to carry out your order and occasionally send you emails about offers and updates we think are relevant to you. You may opt out of receiving such emails whenever you like by unsubscribing to the email once it is received. We will never sell your information to any third party organizations. It is our responsibility to protect your personal information from unauthorized access by third parties.

How we do we acquire your information 

We acquire your information when you sign up to our newsletter or when you log into our website through facebook. If you do not login we are only able to track information such that is provided by traditional web analytic tools like google analytics. This information will not include your name or email address but will include where you are logging in from, which pages you have visited and how long you spent on each one, browser type, which language content is being viewed in, the country and telephone area code where the computer is located and any search terms that were entered on our website. We also save all email contact that our customers have with us. This is for the development of our services and maintaining a sound customer relationship experience. We store all your information with utmost attention to privacy and security.

When you complete an order you may also have to provide us with your credit/debit card details but we do not store these details onto our system. Our payment pages are merely a gateway to the bank. Please note that we also store all personal details provided to us by non-registered users and use it in the same way we use the information provided to us by registered users.

We comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, which means we regularly assess the vulnerability of all our IP addresses to external interference and we use Secure Socket Layers (SSLs), which encrypt data when you log in or make a payment.


A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that a website sends to your computers web browser. While you visit a particular website, a cookie may be used to track the activities of your browser as well as provide you with a consistent, more efficient experience. Cookies are used on most commercial sites. They allow us to help bring you the offers and features that are most relevant to you and allow you to save personal details on your browser, such as your password, which will be accessible next time you visit our site. You can adjust your browser to alert you when a website is trying to send you cookies and also to block all cookies whilst visiting our site. 

Through the use of cookies, we can track previous websites that our visitors and other users of the IP address have been to as well as the search terms entered by users. Cookies are used purely for the purpose of statistical analysis of traffic flows for the improvement of our website. Cookies are never used in such a way where an individual user can be identified and therefore, they do not collect personal information about you. Cookies may also be used to help speed up the check out process by allowing you not to re-enter the same information again. 

Why we collect this information

Any collect this information in order to process your orders more efficiently and accurately, to personalize your travel buying experience and for statistical and survey purposes. We will never email you about offers and deals unless you have subscribed to such a service or asked us to register you on your behalf in person, by phone or on email.

Who do we share your information with?

We share your information with our country partners (for example: guides, travel companies, hotel companies, insurance companies, equipment suppliers and credit card processing entities) who may perform services on our behalf. This information is only given to those partners with the intention of facilitating your booking and into provide you with services that you have paid for.

This privacy policy document is updated when necessary to reflect policy changes. It is your responsibility to review this policy from time to time to note any changes that have taken place.

If you have any questions about this please send us an email to [email protected] and we will do our utmost to help you.