We meet early at a meeting point in Lebanon Square and depart to Fayoum’s Lake Qarun’s Protectorate in a HiAce bus. Upon arrival, we head to the administrative building to meet the team and get an overview of the history and geology of the protectorate before embarking on our hike. We head to Qasr el Sagha, climbing many escarpments along the way, then walk by the edge of the cliffs to reach the Green Mile - a broad green crack with a panoramic view of the valley below. It’s there that we have a light lunch to boost our energy as we hike to the Fox Valley, dotted with many animal tracks along the way. Before the sun sets, we climb up to Fox Valley’s top to reach the Petrified Forest, where we set camp in a nice spot deep inside. Our total hiking distance thus far is 12 km. A freshly cooked dinner will be served under the stars. All dietary requirements will be taken into consideration.
Hikers rise up early to have breakfast and leave camp right away, heading straight ahead toward the prominent mountain north of the camping site. We climb a steep “naqb” to the top plateau from the right-hand end of the mountain to reach the Basalt mines. After a brief walk on the top, we descend to the lower plateaus one by one. We continue walking until we reach Widan el Faras (Horse Ears): a stone formation at the left end of the mountain where we'll have our lunch break. After that, we continue walking across vast desert plains by Jebel Qatrani until we reach the start of a hidden sandy valley whose route is dotted with many standalone reddish-colored mountains. We then descend a long steep sandy slope - preferably running, for an added jolt of fun - and then reach the Boulder Park where we'll be camping for our last night amidst the sandstone boulders. The total hiking distance for the day is 20 km.
Hikers wake up early to have a freshly made breakfast at the campsite, before heading to Demieh El Sebaa on the hilltop lying in the South. The ruins used to be an ancient palace and temple on an island back when the lake's level was high. After exploring the ruins, we take off to the lakeshore passing by strange spherical rock formations dubbed “watermelons''. To get there, we also climb a huge sand dune to take in the beauty that is Lake Qarun. The lakeshore is populated with multiple bird species in large numbers. If we’re lucky, we can spot flamingoes while we have lunch there, before hiking a little bit more toward the asphalt where our bus will be waiting for us to head back home. Th total hiking distance for the day is 14 km.


Like the bedouins who sleep under the stars in the desert, we will be camping in the wilderness in tents. Sleeping Bags A warm sleeping bag would be suitable for these destinations with comfort temperature of 0-5 degrees. We also recommend using sleeping bag liner or just wearing more warm layers when sleeping for people who'd still feel cold. Sleeping bags can be big, bulky, and weighty, so get the smallest, lightest model you can. Remember, the weather in the desert is colder than what most people would expect, especially if they are not familiar with it.



The weather is usually hot to moderate in the morning and cold to very cold at night, but it depends on the time of the year. Rain is also very likely during the winter months so make sure you pack enough rainproof gear. We will also check the weather forecast closer to the date of the trip and inform you in case of any changes.



All meals as specified in the itinerary will be freshly made from scratch at the campsite. Rest assured, we cater to all dietary needs (e.g. gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc). As for snacks, it’s ideal to pack dried fruits, cereal bars, dates, nuts – all these natural goodies will maintain your energy consistently throughout the hike.



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    • Transportation from Cairo to Fayoum and back in a HiAce Bus
    • Meals as described in the itinerary
    • Bottled water 
    • Wild Guanabana leader to facilitate the journey
    • 4x4 support vehicle
    • Price based on a group of 8 pax. For 4-7 pax, the price goes up by 500 EGP per person. 


    • Sleeping bag, mat, and personal items
    • Snacks 
    • Tips and gratuity