Why take this trip

Egypt’s mountains and deserts are rarely explored. Join us in Sinai to explore the majestic desert trails leading up to Egypt’s highest point. This is a great trip for beginners who are fit and a local trip for Egyptians.


Who is this for

If you have never been on a mountain before and want a quick-short introduction to what it is like to be on a mountain then come with us to the Roof of Egypt. St.Catherine is a relatively easy trek to the top that does not require any mountain experience. The view from the top is spectacular and you get to brag about reaching Egypt’s highest point.


What’s next

Once you’ve successfully completed this climb, you will have gained the necessary experience to climb on Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, and Toubkal.

We’re aiming to reach St. Catherine by at 9 AM where we’ll have breakfast and take a quick rest before heading to the mountains for a short hike through Wadi Al Arbien. This hike will help us get familiar with the area and allow the WG guides to understand the group dynamic in order to set a proper pace for the summit day. When we reach our destination after the hike we will set up our camp, have our bedouin lunch, sit by the campfire, and enjoy the starry night.
4:30 AM. We’re aiming to do a final gear check and eat a quick breakfast before heading out by 5:30 AM. The day starts with an easy 4 km hike through Wadi el Arbein, which leads us to the start of the trail up to St. Catherine. Going up, we will have to slow down our pace and keep the momentum, so we will only stop 2 to 3 times during the ascent at the landmarks. The Ridge is where we’ll be exposed to high cold winds, and where we will be able to see the summit of St. Catherine. We want to get through this phase quickly to avoid stopping in the cold. Upon reaching the summit, we’ll stop for 30 minutes, grab a quick lunch, and head down to fox ecolodge to have dinner. 
8 am we take our breakfast so that we can depart at 9 am and pay a one-hour visit to the Monastery of St. Catherine before we head back to Cairo.


St. Catherine can be climbed anytime throughout the season, which begins from September and last till April. The weather in the summer in the desert is too hot for hiking and climbing. November - February: At this time of the year the weather in Saint Katherine is moderate to cold in the morning and extremely cold if it’s not sunny, or in the shade and at night. It might actually snow, and you will definitely face a below zero degree celsius on the top of the highest peak in Egypt. Rains at this time of the year are very likely to happen. So it's a key point to be prepared for cold weather and have waterproof layers because rains are expected too, and it's very hazardous not to be prepared for this. September, October, March, April: At this time of the year the weather in the South of Sinai is fresh during the morning and sometimes it can be very hot. We’ve got to be well prepared for all conditions, the hot weather and the cold weather. Most probably we shift the itinerary during these months to reach the summit by sunrise to avoid the hot weather surng the climb.



The route to the top of St. Catherine begins with desert sand at the bottom. The mountain itself is rocky with steps leading to the summit.



We have 3 hot meals in the camp and lodge every day except the lunch would be on the mountain on the summit day, so get yourself ready to enjoy some Bedouin food and generosity.



Day 1: Camping Under the Starry Night Day 2: Eco Lodge


Overall Difficulty


Technical Skills




Fitness level



Technical Skills

No experiences is needed: Anyone can join this trip.
Minimal experience: You should probably have some hiking experience to join this trip. It is advisable to have gone on a hike for at least 2 days prior to joining this trip.
Moderate experience: You should have some climbing experience to join this trip. It is advisable to have been on at least a 4-day climb before joining this trip.
Technical experience: You should have technical climbing experience before joining this trip. It is recommended that you have experience with crampons, skis, ropes and belays.
Advanced technical experience: You should have technical climbing experience to join this trip. Depending on the climb, you will need a specific set of skills.

fitness level

Occasional workout, no fixed routine.
Workout routine with at least 2-3 workouts a week, overall in good shape. Trekking days on this trip are around 3-4 hours long each day with little elevation.
Workout routine with at least 4-5 workouts a week, overall in great shape. Trekking days on this trip are around 4-5 hours long each day with moderate elevation.
Workout routine with at least 5 workouts a week. Trekking days on this trip are around 5-7 hours long each day with high elevation.
Specified workout routine with at least 5 workouts a week as well as technical training. Trekking days on this trip are 8 hours long each day with extreme elevation.


1,500m - 2,999m
3,000m - 4,499m
4,500m - 5,999m
6,000m - 7,499m
7,500m - 8,999m

Climbing Days

0 - 4 Days
5 - 9 Days
10 - 12 Days
13 - 15 Days
16+ Days



best time to travel:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


    • Accommodation ( Day 1 in tents, Day 2 in an ecolodge
    • All activities as mentioned above
    • All meals as mentioned above (B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Dinner)
    • Round trip from Cairo to Catherine in Hiace Bus
    • Program design 
    • First Aid trained local guides and camp crew 
    • Permits when needed
    • Experienced English-speaking guides


    • Personal items
    • Gear & equipment
    • Snacks

We grow up in life thinking "we have done everything, learned everything, seen everything and most important met all kinds of people and made great friends " well guess what??? We were wrong!! Climbing Mount Catherine was a real challenge and great blessing...I learned a lot from each and every member of Wild Guanabana team. To you " I Bow" with respect, love & I know for sure it is never too late to live wild ...❤

Lara Hussein | The Roof of Egypt

I joined the Guanabanas last December to hike and climb Mountain St. Catherine! It was awesome guidance, company and camping venue. The hike isn't technical nor involving tough terrain and rock scrambling yet challenging due to its length and distance. Best itinerary for over a weekend adventurous activity. Well organized by Wild Guanabana indeed!

Sherief Elabd | The Roof of Egypt