Rock Musician to Rock Climber: One Egyptian’s Epic Journey

Hazem El Shamy on top of Nirekha Peak, Nepal at 6,069m All photos are courtesy of Hazem El Shamy.“Falling was the last thing I remembered; the next thing I knew, I was regaining consciousness on the shore as the fisherman tried to resuscitate me.“When I woke up coughing water with pain in my neck, I told myself I wasn’t going to do this again until I was fully aware of everything there is to know [about technical rock climbing], and app...


Answering the Big Question: Why Adventure Sports?

Credit: Liza Cicuto/ PixabayWhen asked what the best religion is, the Dalai Lama replied: “The best religion is what brings you closest to God.” What about riding ghastly waves, or meticulously calculating the next move on a narrow mountain ridge? Can you find spirituality there? As long as you do it for the right reasons, then yes, you can.Over the past few decades, extreme sports have garnered a lot of attention. Despite this growing inte...


7 Bucket List Destinations to Visit Before They Disappear

Credit: Alexander Kaiser, pooliestudios.comWe all want to travel the world, see new places, get inspired by their heritage, biodiversity, or whatever it is that breathes splendour into their DNA.  While we may often fantasise about a perfect carefree life spent mostly on travel, there are always constraints holding us back. As we try our best to reassure ourselves, we keep making false promises that we’ll commit to our travel plans ri...

We grow up in life thinking "we have done everything, learned everything, seen everything and most important met all kinds of people and made great friends " well guess what??? We were wrong!! Climbing Mount Catherine was a real challenge and great blessing...I learned a lot from each and every member of Wild Guanabana team. To you " I Bow" with respect, love & gratitude...now I know for sure it is never too late to live wild ...❤

Lara Hussein | Mount St. Catherine

This trip has touched something deep within me. It was full of unforgettable moments and the team was friendly and created an atmosphere of coziness and fun.

Faisal Falemban | Annapurna Poonhill Trek

I joined the Guanabanas last December to hike and climb Mountain St. Catherine! It was awesome guidance, company and camping venue. The hike isn't technical nor involving tough terrain and rock scrambling yet challenging due to its length and distance. Best itinerary for over a weekend adventurous activity. Well organized by Wild Guanabana indeed!

Sherief Elabd | Mount St. Catherine

The EBC trek was a truly spectacular experience, through some of the most breathtaking terrains I have ever seen. The guides were amazing - friendly and highly experienced (our head guide summited Everest 4 times) - with Omar Samra leading the way. It was a challenging trek but the company made it highly enjoyable; our group was big, loud and full of energy all the way to the top :) I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.

Racha Mourtada | Everest Base Camp

An astonishing hike in the heart of Himalayas, a great renowned leader such as Omar, and supremely awesome company! what else you may wish for when you sign up for a hike! I enjoyed every bit and second of it

Sherief Elabd | Everest Base Camp

Pumpkin soup at camp, crossing the equator, sleeping lion & above all making my way to the summit at night are all memories that are hard to wipe out! My life has been forever changed by this magical travel experience!!

Hala Mohie Eldin | Mount Kilimanjaro (Machame Route)

Climbing Toubkal was my 3rd trip with Wild Guanabana, and like always it exceeded my expectations! I love how WG takes special care of every tiny detail to ensure the utmost enjoyment of its clients.. My guide Ibrahim, made sure I made it to the Summit, especially since it was my birthday challenge, and kept boosting my confidence every single step of the climb. He believed in my capabilities, until I believed that I've got this. WG made this experience one of the most rewarding in my life. Can't thank you enough for your dedication.. Looking forward to Kilimanjaro with you guys soon ;)

Noha Hesham | Mount Toubkal

Amazing trip and awesome guide Ibrahim. Very good communication in advance to make sure everything is covered for the trip. My first challenge after my ankle injury, so I wasn't sure I will make it but I made it alhamdulilah with lots of determination and the motivation by my guide Ibrahim. Well done WG and I am sure this will not be the only trip with you. Thanks a lot Sarah Ghaly for all your time and efforts to prepare everything for this trip, well done girl.

Nahid Al Dossary | Mount Toubkal


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